why does water not ionize into it's respective ions until and unless we add some amount of salt to it ?? what property of it makes it behave in this way?

Asked by Himadri | 28th Jul, 2020, 02:27: PM

Expert Answer:

Water is a polar covalent compound which means it does not have ions but it have unequal electron distribution and this unequal distribution of electrons is responsible for polarity and attraction between atoms.
to break this force of attraction, there is no other force is present in pure water.
But when salt is added then ions of salt attracts atoms of water, and after a point of time this intermolecular attraction becomes greater than attraction force in water and wate molecule ionizesd.
In ionisation,  Force of Attreaction between ions of salt and water > Intramolecular attraction in the water molecule

Answered by Ravi | 28th Jul, 2020, 08:58: PM