Why does the body need to have so many excretory organs?

Asked by Apoorva | 22nd Jul, 2017, 02:32: PM

Expert Answer:

Large amount of wastes are generated in our body due to metabolism. For the removal of these harmful wastes, our body needs an extended network of canals and smaller tubes that are collectively termed as human excretory system. The excretory system removes waste products and other life-threatening substances from our body. Depending on the type of waste produced, there are several parts of the body that are involved in this process such as sweat glands, the liver, the lungs and the kidney system. Each of these organs performs a specific function and completes the process of removal of wastes from the body at regular intervals. Hence, our body requires several excretory organs so that any kind of waste in the form of sweat, urine or CO2 are removed from our body regularly.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 22nd Jul, 2017, 11:39: PM