why does pressure increase as we go into the liquid and why when density is low body floats as density is cramness of matter but what is the reason on molecular level?

Asked by Gaurav Avhad | 28th Apr, 2011, 01:24: AM

Expert Answer:

As we know that Pressure is equal to  where  is density, g is acceleration and h is the height. Therefore as we go into the liquid ,pressure will increase as their is increasein dept and from the formula we know that pressureis directly proportional to height.
Our body floats because of the Archemedes principle according to it if the volume of water displace is more than the volume of the body dipped inwater then the body will float, so let it be any density, if there volume occupy is less than volume of water displaced by it then the body will float.
We also know that aswe go inside the water our body experienced twoforces there is one by the liquid and it is called upthust and another by outside . so our body floats because upthrust is more than the ouside force.

Answered by  | 30th Apr, 2011, 06:39: PM

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