Why does magentic north deviate from the true north

Asked by atupongen13 | 26th Feb, 2019, 09:32: AM

Expert Answer:

When a magnet is suspended from fixed support and is allowed to rotate in a horizontal plane, it always rests pointing towards the north-south direction. 
But it can be observed that there is an inclination of a magnetic north pole from its true geographic north. This is because of the fact that the geographic poles do not coincide with the Earth's magnetic poles as they are somewhat displaced. The magnetic axis of the Earth makes an angle of 17º with the axis of rotation of the Earth. 
Thus, the north pole of a magnet suspended attracts the Earth's magnetic south pole and is slightly deviated from the true north (geographic north). 

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 26th Feb, 2019, 12:03: PM