why does ethene molecule forms sp2 hybridisation as carbon has 1 s and 3p orbital in the exited state......please

Asked by kaamil ahmed | 15th Dec, 2013, 05:48: PM

Expert Answer:

Carbon atom always has 1 s and 3 p orbitals. But in the formation of ethene molecule,
Both C are sp2 hybridised because one 2p orbital of one carbon atom overlaps with 2p orbital of another carbon atom in parallel orientation to form a pi bond. Hence onlt three orbitals remain to form sigma bonds which are one s and two p orbitals, which form three sp2 hybrid orbitals.

In ethene, H2C=CH2

  • both C are sp hybridised.
  • 4 C-H s bonds are made by the interaction of C sp2 with H 1s orbitals
  • 1 C-C s bond is made by the interaction of C sp2 with another C sp2 orbital
  • 1 C-C p bond is made by the interaction of the C p with the other C p orbital

Answered by Prachi Sawant | 16th Dec, 2013, 12:23: PM

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