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ICSE Class 10 Answered

Why does centre of gravity of a ring lies outside?

Asked by 21janhvi.verma | 02 Jun, 2018, 02:27: PM
Expert Answer
- Centre of gravity is an imaginary point in a body where it is assumed that the total weight of the body is concentrated.
- This concept is useful in calculations of force analysis and design of static structures like buildings or bridges.
- We can also predict the behaviour of a moving body when it is acted on by the gravity.
- The location of a body’s centre of gravity mostly coincides with the geometric centre of the body.  
- However, the centre of gravity might be located at some distance away from its geometric centre.
- Cases like that of hollow bodies or irregularly shaped objects, the centre of gravity or centre of mass may occur at a point outside the physical body.
 - For example, in the centre of a ring, a tennis ball or between the legs of a chair.
-  A ring has a geometrical centre at the point from which all the points on the surface of the ring is equidistant (centre).
- As ring has a hollow circular opening beneath it's circumferential surface, the centre of gravity or the centre of mass lies outside it's physical body.
Answered by Abhijeet Mishra | 04 Jun, 2018, 01:07: PM

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