why does a stone break the whole glass window while a bullet only makes a hole?

Asked by soumya mittal | 2nd Sep, 2011, 12:00: AM

Expert Answer:

This relates to the impulse as the bullet or stone connects with the pane of the window.
The bullet travels extremely quickly, and therefore the time for the force to transfer from the metal to the glass is very low. It creates a concentrated blast that does not ripple outward.
The rock on the other hand moves much slower. As a result the force will move outward and destroy the integrity of the pane. It is also much larger. This may not be a factor. A much larger bullet may have a greater effect in destroying the integrity of the pane, but at it's high speed, it probably would not shatter as occurs with the slow moving rock.
A bullet travels at really high velocity and therefore the glass does not have enough time to bend due to the force and shatter instead the bullet just damages the area it gets in contact with and thus making a hole in the glass.
Whereas a stone travels at a low velocity and the glass has enough time to bend and shatter

Answered by  | 2nd Sep, 2011, 01:08: PM

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