why does a molecule such as CO2 have zero net charge it is neutral bcoz atoms are electrically neutral due to same no of electrons and protons but why we consider net charge on CO2 that is negative 4 of oxygen then positive 4 of carbon to add upto zero

Asked by Gaurav Avhad | 3rd Nov, 2010, 12:14: PM

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Dear Student
Following formula is used to calculate the formal charge in any molecule.
Formal Chrge = (No. of e- in free atom)-1/2(No. of bonding e-)-(No. of nonbonding e-)
For carbon dioxide first draw the molecule and then calculate for the three atoms.
For first oxygenatom, FC = (6) -1/2(4)-(4)= 6-6 =0
For carbon atom,  FC = (4) -1/2(8) - (0) = 4-4 =0
For second oxygen atom,  FC = (6) -1/2(4)-(4)= 6-6 =0
 So total formal charge on the molecule is zero.
We hope that clarifies your query.
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Answered by  | 3rd Nov, 2010, 02:01: PM

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