why doe submarine sink inside water and ship does not ? they both are filled with air inside so why does ship floats ?

Asked by minnisaxena | 29th Jan, 2014, 01:20: PM

Expert Answer:

Hi Minnisaxena, A boat floats in water due to Archimedes’ principle. The boat displaces the water equal to its own weight. This displaced water exerts buoyant force to balance the weight of boat and keep it floating on water. If a submarine is about to dive, its weight is increased by pumping water into large tanks. When the weight of the submarine is greater than the upthrust it creates by displacing water, it begins to sink. The more water that is pumped into the tanks, the heavier the submarine, and the faster it sinks.

Answered by  | 31st Jan, 2014, 05:17: PM

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