Why do you think Private Quelch fails to learn from his mistakes? Should the author and his friends have counseled him? Why? Why not?

Asked by ajaykataria222 | 16th Nov, 2017, 06:21: AM

Expert Answer:

Private Quelch loved exhibiting his knowledge and was totally indifferent to other peoples' opinion about him. As the saying goes, 'Old habits die hard', when Private Quelch was assigned the cook duties, he was determined to bring the situation to his benefit. So, he lectured the other cooks and protested against the unscientific and unhygenic methoda of peeling potatoes. The author and his friends could have counseled the Professor. However, though Professor was more knowledgeable than the fellow trainees, he was more disliked than admired. His uncanny habit of interrupting everyone and exhibiting his thinking or learning without being asked, irked the soldiers. Othere, therefore, did not try to counsel him for his condescending nature. 

Answered by Athira | 16th Nov, 2017, 04:51: PM