why do we have hair on our body

Asked by 100.akash | 25th Jul, 2008, 05:05: PM

Expert Answer:

The hair on our bodies is a characteristic of mammals. Hair is a part of our body's integumentary system and helps in protection. Hair also serves the purpose of keeping us warm. It also traps air next to our body, thus, helping in the reduction of heat loss.

Hair helps reduce friction and thereby irritation in areas of skin-to-skin contact, like under the arms.

The short hairs around the eyes, ears, and nose prevent foreign matter, such as dust, from entering the body. The eyebrow reduces the amount of light that enter our eyes.

Another important role of body hair is to assist in olfactory communication.

Hair also assists in touch reception. Hence all skin surfaces possess hair, except in thick areas such as the palms and soles.

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