why do ionic compounds not conduct electricity in solid state???
is nitrogen more electronegetive or phosphorous ??? and why???

Asked by Shagun Rastogi | 27th Feb, 2015, 07:48: PM

Expert Answer:

1.The movement of charged particles is required for electrical conductivity.

In solid state, the ions are held together by strong electrostatic forces of attraction and so the ions are not free to move.

Therefore solid ionic compounds do not conduct electricity.

2. Nitrogen is more electronegative than phosphorus.

 Nitrogen and phosphorus belong to the same group i.e. group 15.

As the atomic size increases in a group, electronegativity decreases down the group.

This makes nitrogen more electronegative than phosphorus.

Answered by Arvind Diwale | 1st Mar, 2015, 12:16: PM