Why do driving mirrors have a warning printed "Vehicles are closer than they appear." Please explain in detail.

Asked by jjasnani | 9th Mar, 2011, 03:18: PM

Expert Answer:

Dear student
why are objects in the rear-view mirror closer than they appear? Because they appear to be smaller than they actually are. The kind of mirror used in the rear-view mirror is a convex lens, because it creates smaller, yet still upright images.
How does rear view mirror works :  It reflects the light coming from behind objects into the eyes to the driver. The image formed is convex mirror is virtual and erect so the driver can see the object coming from behind. The size of the image in not same as that of the object, but it hardly comes into hindrance as for as driving is concerned.
Hope this helps.

Answered by  | 9th Mar, 2011, 10:18: AM

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