Why did the British imperial officials make little effort to spread cricket in colonial territories? Give any five reasons.

Asked by rkjha_in | 15th Mar, 2015, 05:44: PM

Expert Answer:

Following are five plausible reasons why British imperial officials made little or no effort in spreading cricket in certain colonies:
  • Cricket was considered to be an essentially British sport, a so called 'gentlemen's game'.
  • Majority of the subjects in colonies like India and the West Indies (unlike New Zealand and Australia) were non-whites. The British considered them to be of a low racial and cultural standing.
  • In the colonies, playing cricket had come to be seen as a symbol of superior social and racial status.
  • Organised cricket club culture was considered by the British as their exclusive priviledge.
  • Cricket clubs in West Indies were dominated white planation owners and their servants, whreas in India they were dominated by British colonial officials.

Answered by Soumil Shukla | 16th Mar, 2015, 04:19: PM

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