Why did the Aryans/Germans hate jews? Write the philosophee behind it. What treatment was given to Jews?

Asked by vatsalchoudhary41 | 3rd Sep, 2014, 07:16: PM

Expert Answer:

The Aryans/Germans hated Jews because of the traditional Christian hostility towards them. They had been stereotyped as killers of Christ and usurers. Until medieval times, this stereotype led to Jews being barred from owning land. They survived mainly through trade and moneylending. They were forced to live in separately marked areas called ghettos. They were often persecuted through periodic organised violence, and expulsion from the land. This philosophy was a result of Hitler’s hatred towards Jews. It was based on pseudoscientific theories of race, which held that conversion was no solution to ‘the Jewish problem’. It could be solved only through their total elimination.

This philosophy lead to the Nazis hatred towards Jews crossing all the boundaries as they terrorised, pauperised and segregated them, compelling them to leave the country. They also ghettoised and killed them in gas chambers.

Answered by Akanksha Kaul | 4th Sep, 2014, 12:33: PM

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