Why did Helen fight 'tooth and nail' to have her way ? Quote an example to prove this point. 

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Expert Answer:

 Nobody could stop her from the naughtiness she set her mind upon.  There have been numerous incidents which shows how much of a prankster Helen was. She was strong, active, and indifferent to consequences. She alwyas had her way even if she had to fight 'tooth and nail' for it. One such incident with Martha proves that. Martha, the cook’s daughter, was someone who understood Helen's signs. There was also an old dog named Belle who was Helen’s companion along with Martha. Because Martha too shared the love for mischief, they were constant companions.
 One fine afternoon, when Helen grew wearied of cutting paper dolls, shoestrings and all leaves off the honeysuckle which were within reach, she turned her attention to Martha's fuzzy hair. Because Martha generally submitted to most of Helen's tyranny, she agreed to Helen's doing. However, things turned a bit messy when Martha, thinking that turnabout is fair play, grabbed the scissors and started cutting Helen's curls. If not for Helen's mother's timely intervention, Martha would have cut off Helen's curls too.
The other activities included hunting for the eggs of guinea-fowl and getting switched by the cow for touching her while milkers milked her.          

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