Why are magnetic field lines of a bar magnet always curved?

Asked by Bhumika k | 26th Jul, 2016, 08:57: PM

Expert Answer:

  • The space around a magnet in which the force of attraction and repulsion due to the magnet can be detected is called the magnetic field.
  • Magnetic lines of force are continous in naure which represent the region under the magnetic influence. 
  • If a magnetic needle is placed in magnetic field of a bar magnet, it alligns itself in a definite direction. If the needle is displaced in the field, the direction of the needle continously changes. The path along whch the needle moves is a curved path which starts from the North pole and ends at the South pole of the bar magnet.This curved pat is called the magnetic field lines of force.
  • It is one of the property of magnetic field lines that inside the magnet, the direction of field lines is from its south pole to its north pole.
  • If we consider one line of force, then the strength of the magnetic field is same at all points on that magnetic field line. Also, a magnet does not have a monople. Its has two poles - North and South.
    Thus, the only possible path traced by the magnetic field lines so satisfy the above consitions is by having closed curves. 

Answered by Yashvanti Jain | 27th Jul, 2016, 02:21: PM

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