Why anti-markovnikov rule is app;ied only with HBr?How does FeCl3 act as a halogen carrier?

Asked by Kishujaiswal353 | 6th Sep, 2014, 05:44: PM

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Answer to your first question is given below:
Why anti-markovnikov rule is applied only with HBr?
  • The peroxide effect is not observed in case of H-Cl and H-I.
  • This is because H-Cl bond (bond enthalpy 430.5kJmol-1) is stronger than H-Br bond (bond enthalpy 367.7 kJmol-1) and not broken by free radical while H-I bond (bond enthalpy 363.7 Kjmol-1) is weaker and iodine free radicals combine together to form iodine molecule instead of adding to double bond.

Answered by Arvind Diwale | 7th Sep, 2014, 01:01: PM