why aderenal gland is known as emergency gland ? explain with all the steps involved in its functioning

Asked by amitatripathininy | 14th Oct, 2010, 01:29: PM

Expert Answer:

Dear student,
During emergency situations, adrenal gland releases adrenaline hormone which helps in quick actions to deal with the emergency situation. It induces 'fight or flight action' by the body, thereby helping to deal with the situation.

During such emergency situations, adrenal glands  release adrenaline into blood which acts on heart and other tissue. This causes faster heart beat, more oxygen to muscles.


The blood to the digestive system and skin is reduced due to contraction of muscles around small arteriesin these organs. This diverts the blood to skeletal muscles. Thebreathing rate also increases because of the contractions of thediaphragm and the rib muscles. All these responses together enable theanimal body to be ready to deal with the situation


Hope this answers your question.




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