why a rainbow is in the shape of abow?

Asked by Arpita | 31st Dec, 2015, 03:14: PM

Expert Answer:

A rainbow is an arch of seven colours and is produced by the dispersion of the Sun’s light by tiny raindrops present in the atmosphere. The observer receives only one colour from the raindrop at a time. The red rays from the drops make a certain angle with the eye line joining the Sun and the observer. So, all water drops which appear red will make the same angle with the line of vision. Hence, they will appear in the form of an arc of a circle with its centre on the eye line. The other colours also appear in a similar manner. Red rays make an angle of 42.8° with the line of vision and is seen on the outer edge of the rainbow. Violet rays make an angle of 40.8° with the line of vision and is seen on the inner edge of the rainbow. Thus, the rainbow appears in the form of a bow.

Answered by Yashvanti Jain | 31st Dec, 2015, 04:17: PM