Who was Dr.Alexander Graham Bell ? How did Helen strike an instant rapport with him? 

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Dr. Alexander Graham Bell played a significant role in the life of Helen Keller. So profound was his influence on Helen that she dedicated her autobiography “The Story of My Life” to him. Dr .Bell was consulted by the Kellers in order to seek help for Helen’s education. Helen took to him immediately anwas moved by his tenderness and sympathy. The meeting with Dr. Bell instilled hope into her and allayed her fears of being isolated.

He had a kind personality which is understood in the way in which he used to engage Helen by explaining amusing things to her in a way nobody could. According to Helen, he was proficient in many fields of science and had the ability to turn any drab, abstruse subject interesting. He saw the best in people and believed that anybody could be an inventor had he or she had enough time. Contrasting with his image of a scientist, Dr. Bell was also an artistic and a humourous person. But the greatest quality that motivates the humanitarian in Dr. Bell is his love for children. He was devoted to the cause of deaf children and he wanted to make the world a better place for them.

 In the last chapter, Helen Keller has named various people and thanked them for touching her life and making it special. For instance, Despite being famous, Dr Alexander Graham Bell was extremely kind and modest. He encouraged Miss Sullivan anHelen at every step. He showed and explained many of his experiments to Helen at the World’s Fair. He had a humorous and a poetic side anwas very fond of children. He worked a great deal for the deaf and according to Helen would live on and bless generations of children yet to come. He was very modest, polite and sympathetic.

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