Who shot the tiger and how did it die?                                                                                               Why did Miss Mebbin blackmailed Mrs Packletide and what was the argument between them?                What are all the things Mrs Packletide did to satisfy Miss Mebbin?                                                         Why did Mrs Packletide said that she indulges in no more big game shooting? Explain.

Asked by seeni2005 | 13th Sep, 2016, 10:11: AM

Expert Answer:

The tiger actually died from a heart failure resulting from the sudden report of the rifle. Miss Mebin was clever enough to notice this and blackmailed Mrs Packeltide that Miss Loona Bimberton would believe her if she told her how the tiger actually died. Mrs Packeltide had to buy a weekend cottage for Miss Mebin so that she would keep her mouth shut. Mrs Packeltide no more indulged in big game shooting as she thought that the 'incidental' expenses were too heavy to bear. 

Answered by Snehal Naik | 14th Sep, 2016, 10:45: AM

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