who discovered electricity?


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The first person to write a scientific account of electric effects was Sir William Gilbert(1504-1603). Gilbert's experiments led to a number of investigations by many pioneers in the development of electricity technology over the next 350 years.
He put forward the name electrica for substances like amber (yellow resinous substance found on the shores of the Baltic sea) which when suitably rubbed attracts light bodies.
It is the ancient Greeks who have observed that amber when rubbed with wool acquires a property that attracts light objects to it.
It is Thales of Miletus whose scientific inquisitivenss is said to have known amber and its property.(600 BC)
An American scientist Benjamin Franklin is known as the father of electricity(1706-1790).He performed the experiment of flying kite during a thunderstorm which led to the finding that lighting ang electricity is related which led to the invention of lightening rods.
Later in 1800, Italian-born physicist Alessandro Volta constructed the voltaic pile,
later known as the electric battery, the first device to produce a steady electric current.He found that certain chemical reactions could produce electricity.
The credit for generating electric current on a practical scale goes to the famous English scientist, Michael Faraday.He found out that electricity could be produced through magnetism by motion.
Thomas Alva Edison invented the practical incandescent light bulb

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