which of the following has the maximum number of molecules:-
i)15 L of water at STP
ii)15L of H2O gas at STP
iii)15 g of ice
vi) same in all.
maam/sir what is the difference in the first three options??
arent they the same??
the answer is given to be the first option... how is it possible please explain...

Asked by Sayoni Maiti | 29th May, 2014, 07:00: PM

Expert Answer:

Option (i) 15 L of water at STP has maximum number of molecules.
It is because at same temperatture and pressure, liquid water has maximum density than equal volume of ice and water vapour. Therefore, 15 L of water will have maximum molecules than 15 L of H2O gas and 15 L of Ice.

Answered by Prachi Sawant | 2nd Jun, 2014, 04:52: PM

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