which of the following element will produce oxide which are acidic in nature? A)carbon B)calcium C)magnesium D)copper when a vessel is exposed to moist air, it forms green coating on the surface. The vessel must be made of A)zinc B)copper C)magnesium D)iron

Asked by nmsnirajsheth | 22nd Oct, 2017, 06:58: PM

Expert Answer:

Acidic oxide are complex chemical substances which forms a salt with chemical reaction with bases or basic oxides and it do not react with acids or acidic oxides.
In this case oxides of calcium and magnesium are basic in nature and oxides of copper are amphoteric in nature.
only oxides of carbon are acidic.
second question you asked is related to corrosion. 
copper forms a green deposite of basic copper carbonate, when exposed to moist air.

Answered by Ramandeep | 23rd Oct, 2017, 10:01: AM