Which of the following compound is expected to yield a white ppt with AgNO subscript 3 solution:

  1. PtCl subscript 4.4 NH subscript 3
  2. CoCl subscript 3.3 NH subscript 3
  3. Impure space chloroform
  4. Vinyl Chloride
  5. 4-Chlorobenzyl chloride
  6. Carnalite

Asked by g_archanasharma | 17th Mar, 2019, 12:15: PM

Expert Answer:

PtCl4.4NH3 , impure chloroform and Carnelite will give a white precipitate with AgNOsince they have free chloride ions.
Vinyl chloride and CoCl3.3NH3 do not give any precipitate with AgNObecause they do not have free chloride ions.

Answered by Ramandeep | 18th Mar, 2019, 12:37: PM

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