Which light is visisble to us-the scattered light or the light that passes after scattering?

Asked by SHIVASIS MOHANTY | 10th Feb, 2014, 05:21: PM

Expert Answer:

There is no difference between scattered light and light after scattering. Scattering is the deflection of light due to the gases in the atmosphere.
Blue light has shorter wavelength than the red and orange light. Hence, blue scatters more than red or yellow or orange.
During day when the sun is well above the horizon, light passes through thinner layer of atmosphere. Hence, blue scatters the most during day.
During sunset, the light has to pass through thicker layer of atmosphere, where in the blue scatters even more allowing the red and orange light to reach our eyes.

Answered by  | 11th Feb, 2014, 10:43: AM

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