WHICH IS THE CORRECT SEQUENCE OF DEVELOPMENT OF EGG IN HUMAN BEING? a) 1oocyte-> meiosis->2oocyte-ovum b)1oocyte->meiosis->2oocyte->meiosis-2ovum c)1oocyte->meiosis->2oocyte->mitosis->ovum d)2oocyte->mitosis->1oocyte->mitosis->ovum e)2oocyte->meiosis->1oocyte->meiosis->ovum

Asked by  | 10th Apr, 2013, 09:47: PM

Expert Answer:

During maturation phase, the diploid primary oocyte undergoes two maturation divisions: the first meiotic division divides the primary oocyte into two haploid cells. The larger one is the secondary oocyte and the smaller one is the polar body. The first polar body does not undergo meiosis II, whereas the secondary oocyte proceeds.

Answered by Meghna Thapar | 11th Apr, 2013, 10:23: AM

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