Which is the correct option at same temperature fo r 1 % 
w/v aqueous solutions of Urea, Glucose and Sugar7 
[Molecular Mass : Urea =60 u, Glucose =180 u, Sugar =342 u] 
(A) n Urea = n Glucose = n Sugar 
(B) n Urea > n Glucose > n Sugar 
(C) n Urea > n Sugar > TT Glucose 
(D) n Sugar > TT Glucose > Jl Urea 


Asked by tiwariaatman | 31st Jul, 2020, 05:10: PM

Expert Answer:

Osmotic Pressure is inversely proiptional to molecular mass.
πα fraction numerator 1 over denominator Molecular space Mass end fraction
So, Order of osmotic pressure is -

Answered by Ravi | 1st Aug, 2020, 06:54: PM