Which is more dangerous ac [6/3, 5:04 PM] Gautam: Okay
[6/3, 5:04 PM] Gautam: Bye
[6/3, 5:04 PM] Gautam: 😘😘😊or dc ?? Whose shock is repulsive?? Ac's or dc's??? Why???   

Asked by upmaniousagarika | 19th Jul, 2016, 11:16: PM

Expert Answer:

Effects of AC and DC Current on Human Body

  • It should be learnt that both currents are equally lethal in high amounts for human body and proper care should be taken to avoid electric contact with the human body.
  • Electric shock or electrocution occurs when a human body acts as a passage for the electric current. 
  • The actual effect may vary as the resistance provided by the body is more in dry condiction and decreases tremendously in wet or injured condition.
  • Both AC and DC supply can give a severe electric shock to a person.
  • The severity of the shock depends on the voltage-current-time product.
  •  DC current will make a single continuous contraction of the muscles thereby deliberately increasing the time of contact
  • Whereas AC current will make a series of contractions depending on applied frequency.
  • As the frequency is zero in DC, it requires higher voltage to harm or shock a human body as compared to AC.
  • Hence in general perception it is belived that AC (due to the frequency) is more dangerous for human body as a comparitive smaller amount of voltage (with respect to DC) is sufficient to cause injury.

Answered by Abhijeet Mishra | 5th Dec, 2017, 02:12: PM