which is has thee greater value mean or mode or median.pls tell me whether it is applicable to all sums.if not give me example

Asked by my3shyll | 22nd Jul, 2016, 07:38: PM

Expert Answer:

Only for a large data, it is found that the difference between the mean and the mode is 3 times the difference between the mean and the median.

That is,

Mean - Mode = 3(Mean - Median)

This relationship is known as Empirical Relationship 

Otherwise, as such, it varies from data to data, whether 

Mean > Median > Mode OR

Median > Mode > Mean OR

Mean > Mode > Median  and so on

These are measures of central tendency, used in different situations.

Mean is used in the study that requires the average of all observations.

Median is used in the study where only the central value of a given set of data is required, and not the individual values in it.

And, Mode is used in the study where the most frequently occurring value is required.

Answered by Rashmi Khot | 25th Jul, 2016, 10:54: AM

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