Which is cprrect according to Icse
1 you are richer than I or you are richer than me
2he is richer thaan you are or he is richer than you
Plz ansswer with explanation why the other id incorrect

Asked by lovemaan5500 | 22nd Dec, 2017, 01:24: PM

Expert Answer:

1. The correct sentence is: You are richer than I. 
This sentence uses than as a conjunction, but when you use the subject pronoun I, it implies you  "You are richer than I am". The "than me" version introduces ambiguity. There is an understood verb at the end, that says, "richer than I am".
 For example: 
  • Shawn likes Peter more than me.
This could mean:
  • Goerge prefers John to me.

  •   or

  • Goerge likes John more than I like John.
The best way to get around this is to treat than as a conjunction and not as a preposition as stated in the second sentence. 
2. He is richer thaan you are.

Answered by  | 26th Dec, 2017, 02:24: PM

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