which has higher bond energy?(a)F2(b)CL2(c)I2(d)Br2

Asked by isha007 | 15th Oct, 2010, 12:52: PM

Expert Answer:

Dear Student
The Answer is (b) Cl2
 I2 has a bond energy of 151 kj/mol while Cl2 has a bond energy of 242 kj/mol. These are both non polar covalent compounds but the chlorine bond is closer to the nucleus of each of the two chlorine atoms than the iodine bond is and this makes the chlorine bond tighter and harder to break. Fluorine just happens to be a exception because it is so small. In making the bond for F2, the electrons are forced into so small place that they tend to repel each other weakening the bond.
So the order of bond energy is   I2222.
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Answered by  | 15th Oct, 2010, 03:41: PM

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