which evidences support the doctrine of evolution?explain each evidence on the basis of c omparitive embryology and palaeontology

Asked by VAIBHAV SRIVASTAVA | 3rd Jan, 2013, 09:52: AM

Expert Answer:

There are large number of evidences of evolution:-
1. Homology/ analogy - Many animals have similar bone structures, giving the superficial appearance of relationship. Thought to have been evidence for common ancestry until significant advancements were made in biochemistry.
2. Embryology - Embryos of different vertebrates look alike in their early stages, giving the superficial appearance of relationship.
3. Fossil record - Supposed "missing links" between distinct kinds of animals which can be extrapolated as transitions between kinds. For example, Archaeopteryx is thought to be a transition between reptiles and birds.
4. Natural selection- Natural selection serves as a means of conservation, not one of creation. It explains survival of a species, not arrival of a species. 
5. Vestigial organs - Body parts thought to be useless remnants of past evolutionary development.

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