which act estabalished dictatorship in germany and also write its features

Asked by sarubhatia6 | 16th Jul, 2014, 10:48: PM

Expert Answer:

The famous Enabling Act passed on 3rd March, 1933 established dictatorship in Germany.


  1. It gave Hitler all the powers to sideline the Parliament and rule by decree.
  2. All the other political parties and trade unions were banned except the Nazi Party and its affiliates.
  3. The state had established complete control over the media, economy, judiciary and army.
  4. It gave the police the powers to rule with impunity.
  5. It gave the power to Nazis to set up security forces and special surveillance to control and order the society in ways they wanted.

Answered by Akanksha Kaul | 17th Jul, 2014, 09:30: AM

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