where should we use will,would,shall,should,can,could,may,might and must?pls explain me with different examples
and the situations to use this words

Asked by my3shyll | 18th Jul, 2016, 09:46: PM

Expert Answer:

Will, would, shall, should, can, could, may, might and must are modal auxiliaries. With the help of the main verbs, these modals express the intent in a sentence.

Modal auxiliaries are used to show the following intents:

Permission: You can go to the party tonight.

Possibility: You could go to the party tonight.

Certainty: You will go to the party tonight, won’t you?

Probability: You would go to the party, wouldn’t you?

Certainty: We shall go to the party.

Suggestion/ Obligation: You should go to the party tonight.

Permission: You may go to the party.

Possibility: We might go to the party.

Compulsion: You must go to the party tonight. 

Answered by Snehal Naik | 19th Jul, 2016, 09:26: AM

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