where is higgs boson particles present in an atom?

Asked by Harmeet Kaur | 29th Dec, 2013, 02:05: PM

Expert Answer:

Higgs Boson is a theoretical sub-atomic particle (like proton and neutron) and hence present in the nucleus. It is a boson named after Peter Higgs, the person who proposed it 's existence.

Higgs Boson are believed to be the elementary particle which give mass to all the matter present in the universe.

The Higgs particle is a boson with no spin, electric charge.

This is also very unstable and decay into other particles almost immediately.

 Higgs Boson is a quantum excitation of one of the four components of the Higgs field.

Answered by Prachi Sawant | 2nd Jan, 2014, 11:48: AM

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