When we see any object through the hot air over the fire,it appears to be wavy moving slightly.why

Asked by Rupalidav2003 | 16th Jul, 2019, 06:23: PM

Expert Answer:

Air near the fire is getiing warmed up and its density decreases.
Air far away from fire is cold, its density is greater than the that of air near fire.
Hence air from cold region comes down and air of hot region goes up.
Again air near fire is getting warmed up and this process continues still fire is on.
Hence there is a convective motion of air is taking place above fire giving rise to density variataion
and because of that we get variation of refractive index in hot air region above fire.
Since we know change in refractive index in the path of light ray makes it to bend,
we feel the wavy motion of objects that are seen through hot air above fire

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 17th Jul, 2019, 10:23: AM

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