When we say hexaploid, shouldn't we take 6n, just as we take 2n for diploid and 3n for haploid. This query is with reference to the question - The chromosome number in gynoecium of hexaploid wheat is 42, then the chromosome number in endosperm and egg cell will be- 1)21 and 7 respectively 2)126 and 21 respectively 3)63 and 21 respectively 4)63 in each

Asked by Renuka Ganesh | 23rd Apr, 2014, 07:18: PM

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Dear Renuka

You are absolutely correct. Hexaploid wheat implies that it has six sets of chromosomes. The somatic cells are hexaploid, with six sets of chromosomes, 6n = 42 while the gametes are haploid , n = 7. Endosperm is triploid (3n) while the egg cell is haploid (n). So, the number of chromosomes in endosperm and egg cell will be 21 (3n=7×3= 21) and 7 (n=7) respectively. 

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