When we rub a ballon against a sweater why does the electrons move from the sweater to the ballon and not the protons?

Asked by SANDRA SAJI | 14th Nov, 2015, 11:29: PM

Expert Answer:

  • Inside an atom the protons and neutrons are held firmly at the very center in a structure called the nucleus of the atom.
  • The electrons however are held much more loosely in the orbitals around the nucleus of the atom.
  • Some electrons can be found at the surface, and if the surface is rubbed, they can be rubbed away.
  • Therefore, when you rub a balloon on your sweater some of the electrons are transferred from the sweater to the balloon. The sweater becomes positively charged.

Answered by Prachi Sawant | 15th Nov, 2015, 10:41: AM

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