When it is 08:00 am in Mumbai, calculate the time in:

  1. Wellington
  2. New York

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Expert Answer:

  1. Wellington is located at 1750longitudes and Mumbai is located at 730E longitudes. Now difference between the longitudes of Mumbai and Wellington is 1750 - 730E = 1020E (since both the places are in the Eastern Hemisphere, we will subtract one longitude from the other).

The difference in time between the two places is 1020 X 4 minutes = 408 minutes (we multiply it by 4 because one degree of each longitude takes 4 minutes to travel to the other longitude). Now 408 min= 6 hrs and 48 min. Since Wellington is at the east of Mumbai, its local time is ahead of Mumbai. We will add the difference i.e. 6 hrs and 48 minutes to the time in Mumbai.

So, 8:00 am + 6 hrs and 48 = 14 hrs and 48 min = 2:48 pm.

Therefore, when it is 8:00 am in Mumbai, the time in Wellington will be 2:48 pm.

  1. New York is located at 740 W longitudes. The difference between both the longitudes is 730  + 740 = 1470  (New York lies to the west of the Prime Meridian and Mumbai to the east of the Prime Meridian; hence we will add the longitudes of both the places.)

The difference in time between the two places is 1470  X 4 = 588 minutes = 9 hrs and 48 minutes. Since New York is to the west of Mumbai, its time is behind Mumbai. So we subtract the difference from the time in Mumbai.

8:00am - 9 hrs and 48 minutes = --1 hour and 12 minutes. Now we will subtract 1 hr and 12 minutes from 12 : 00 am midnight.

12:00 am - 1 hr and 48 minutes = 10:12 pm.

Therefore when it is 8:00 am in Mumbai, the time in New York will be 10 : 12 pm.

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