When Earth revolves around the sun does its moment of inertia change with time.If yes,why. Its revolving around the same axis.

Asked by Rohan Mehra | 18th Mar, 2011, 08:38: PM

Expert Answer:

Dear student,
Sometimes, Earthquakes move huge masses of the solid Earth from one place to another,Redistribution of mass changes the Earth's moment of inertia. This results in changes of the Earth's rotation parameters - namely, direction of the axis and spinning rate.' The aftereffects would be like this:the product of the moment of inertia and the angular speed always stays constant. So if the momentof inertia gets a bit smaller, the rotational speed must get bigger. This in turn means that the length of the day - equal to the time for a complete rotation - gets shorter. But these effects are really quite minuscule and barely noticeable.''
Hope this helps.

Answered by  | 22nd Mar, 2011, 11:43: AM

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