When Deepu visited the park he saw an attractive turn table."Switch on the device and stand on the table and change the speed with the weights near by" said the instruction.What is the principle behind the working?

Asked by Preethu S | 16th Nov, 2013, 09:52: PM

Expert Answer:

When a turn table rotates, it has certain angular momentum.
This angular momentum depends on the position of all particles from the axis and also on the linear momentum (that is, speed) of those particles.
Now, when weights are added on the turntable, the mass distribution changes and hence in order to conserve angular momentum, the speed of the turn table should change.
If weights are placed near to the axis, then position decreases and hence speed increases. Similarly, if weights are placed farther from the axis, then position increases and hence speed decreases.
Thus, conservation of angular momentum is the principle involved.

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 19th Nov, 2013, 09:29: AM

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