When current gets divided between galvanometer and shunt resisatance then how can galvonometer measures the original current flowing through the circuit .By using shunt resistance what are we doing in the conversion of galvanometer to ammeter .Pls explain me the whole process ......

Asked by Rzainabafra - | 1st Jul, 2016, 09:51: AM

Expert Answer:

When a galvanometer is to be used as an ammeter, a shunt is connected in parallel across it.
Now, an important point to remember is that the shunt should have a high resistance (ideally infinite).
The reason for this is that, high resistance will block all the current through it and allow almost all the current through the galvanometer.
So, the galvanometer will measure the desired current.

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 1st Jul, 2016, 06:12: PM