when a charged particle in motion enters in a uniform magnetic field perpendicularly then its - 1.speed changes 2.velocity changes 3. K.E. changes 4. Acceleration does not change

Asked by deepika babbar | 16th Dec, 2013, 12:46: PM

Expert Answer:

Ans.  (2) velocity changes

  • The magnetic field does no work, so the kinetic energy and speed of a charged particle in a magnetic field remain constant.

  • The magnetic force acting perpendicular to the velocity of the particle, will cause circular motion.

  • The centripital force of the particle is provided by magnetic Lorentzian force.

  • Since speed is not changing, acceleration also does not change. only direction of the motion changes. Therefore we can say that, velocity changes.(not sppesd)

Answered by Komal Parmar | 16th Dec, 2013, 01:21: PM

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