What would happen *If we connect a voltmeter in series * If we connect a ammeter in parallel

Asked by Sanjay Sagar | 10th Jul, 2011, 12:00: AM

Expert Answer:

A voltmeter is used to measure potential difference across two points in an electrical circuit .

The voltmeter is connected in parallel across the circuit element (resistance ) so that its inclusion in the circuit has negligible effect on total resistance and current flowing in yhe circuit

A voltmeter has high resistance,if connected in series it will increase of circuit and reduce the current in the circuit.

All the current would go through the ammeter. The whole purpose for making a measurement with an ammeter is to determine current draw through a component or circuit. If the ammeter takes all the current away from the device under test, the reading would be meaningless.

Also, since the ammeter would present pretty much a dead short to the power supply, blown fuses or toasted components usually result.


Answered by  | 11th Jul, 2011, 11:30: AM

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