What will happen when the following situations are initiated.
a]a planaria is cut into three different species.
b]leaf of bryophyllum with notches cause on its soil.
c]testostorne is released in the male reproductive system

Asked by aravind kumar | 1st Jan, 2017, 08:57: AM

Expert Answer:

a) When Planaria is divided into three pieces, then three new Planaraia grows and become new individuals.
b) In Bryophyllum, vegetative propagation occurs through leaves. Buds occur in notches of Bryophyllum leaf. However, when the leaf falls down and comes in contact with the soil, the buds spout and produce plantlets.
c)Testosterone plays a key role in development of testes and also promotes secondary sexual characteristics such as increased muscle, growth of body hair.

Answered by Sivanand Patnaik | 2nd Jan, 2017, 08:31: AM