What will happen if the atmospheric pressure of the earth suddenly becomes zero?

Asked by Lanzmik | 23rd Jul, 2019, 02:29: PM

Expert Answer:

Our body has a liquid called blood which flows through blood vessels and every cell of the body. 
This blood exerts pressure called blood pressure which is slightly greater than the atmospheric pressure. 
The atmospheric pressure acting on our body from outside is balanced with blood pressure. 
So if, the atmospheric pressure of earth becomes zero suddenly then the blood will exert much pressure on the blood vessels.
And we know, that the pressure moves from high to low level. Thus, the blood will try to come out exerting tremendous pressure on blood vessels. Thus, the blood vessels will bursts and this will lead to end of life on the earth. 

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 23rd Jul, 2019, 03:49: PM