What will be the answer for attached question?

Asked by Mamtamohanty77 | 14th Aug, 2019, 11:28: AM

Expert Answer:

Method 1
By using first equation of motion i.e v=u+at
Time taken by body to reach highest point is 
It will take the same time for reaching from highest point to ground again.
So total time will be T=u/g +u/g= 2u/g
Method 2
B y space u sin g space s e c o n d space e q u a t i o n space o f space m o t i o n space i. e space S equals u t plus 1 half a t squared
S equals 0 space b e c a u s e space o b j e c t space r e t u r n s space t o space t h e space g r o u n d
0 equals u t minus 1 half g t squared
t equals fraction numerator 2 u over denominator g end fraction

Answered by Utkarsh Lokhande | 14th Aug, 2019, 11:39: AM