What were expectations of Htiler from Aryan women?
Write about condition of women in Nazi Society.

Asked by vatsalchoudhary41 | 3rd Sep, 2014, 07:22: PM

Expert Answer:

Germany followed the rules of patriarchal or male-dominated society. In 1933, Hitler had said that” In my state the mother is the most important citizen.” However, in Nazi Germany all mothers were not treated equally. It was only for Aryan women who bore Aryan pure blood desirable children.

Women were considered radically dissimilar from men. While boys were taught to be aggressive, masculine and steel-hearted; girls were told that they had to become good mothers and rear pure-blooded Aryan children. They had to maintain the purity of the race, and distance themselves from the Jews. They had to be the bearers of the Aryan culture and race and had to look after the homes and teach children the Nazi values. They were encouraged to bear many desirable children. They were favoured and were given concessions for various things. Honour crosses were also awarded to them. If the Aryan women deviated from the prescribed code of conduct they were publicly condemned and severely punished. Hence, all women were not treated equally.

Answered by Akanksha Kaul | 4th Sep, 2014, 10:32: AM

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